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It's going to be five years this December that I started blogging. Earlier, it was just a passion that drove me to write. Only in 2018, I thought to start earning from it in order to take this passion to a long run. I started out with ad-sense, the revenue of which was not satisfactory.
  I published my ebook 'sarita' which is still available on Amazon Kindle. I also joined an affiliate network.
Only a month ago, I decided that I need to do something, which would be parallel to my passion. I removed the adsense from my blog then on. Now I've decided to give some of the space on my blog on lease as ad-space. This will give both the lessor and the lessee many benefits-

1. No Third Party

There is no third party service required which usually grabs a lot of commission. I'll deal with all the matter personally. The money you pay will be minimal you can pay.

2. Bold Presence
Ads usually are not static, they usually change from visitor to visitor. But the space which you have on lease is yours and the ads will not be removed before the time for which you've paid. This will improve your visibility.

3. Backlinks
Suppose you have an adspace for the lease of a month, you'll have a backlink on my blog for one month which will increase your visibility.

4. Cost-Effective
If you purchase my blogpost it'll cost you INR 2000, while an instagram post will cost you INR 1000. This is because, my services are involved in these deliverables. But in the adspace, I'm just providing you a platform to promote yourself. Thus I'm not giving any service, but I'm just sharing my reputation and credibility with you. The prices of these ad-spaces range from INR 500-2000.


The procedure is really simple and I've decided to tailor it according to customer's convenience.
  1. Choose the plan. Check the pricing below for reference.
  2. Fill the form.
  3. After approval, send the code of a widget which you want to be embedded in the adspace.
  4. After its approval, I'll add it in the adspace.
  5. I'll tell you the payment procedure and you're supposed to pay within 7 days, failing which the ad will be removed from the space.

Guidelines for Creating Ad-widgets for Ad-space.

  1. The ad-widget must match my niche.
  2. You need to mention in the left botton 'ad'/'sponsored' or any other word which adequately depicts that it's commercial.
  3. The ad-widget must be a square.
  4. This adspace will be given on lease to only business owners or bloggers who own a website or blog. 
  5. No subdomain will be promoted.

What If You Don't know anything about coding?

You might be wondering what is an ad-widget. If you can't figure out, it's okay. I'm telling you, how can you give an ad on my sight without any knowledge about coding.
First of all, make an informative graphic about your brand. It should be enticing enough to attract audience.
Secondly, send me a description of your brand, as well as the product.Further, in that mail, mention ten words that can at best describe your brand and the product.
Thirdly and lastly, relax and send me your website's link.

Ad-spaces Offered for Lease

1. Sidebar(Item Page)

  • Appearance- Bottom of the article or page, when opened (Mobile) and right side of the screen (PC).
  • Devices- Both Computer and Mobile.
  • Pricing-

  1.   Indian Customers-  INR 2000,  INR 1500 for the first month, INR 1000 for the subsequent months.
  2. International Customers- $35 for the first month, $30 for the subsequent months.

  • Availability- 1 spot only.

2. Sidebar(Main Page)

  • Appearance- Right side of the main page.
  • Devices- Both Computer and Mobile.
  • Pricing- 

  1.  Indian Customers-  INR 1500,  INR 1000 for the first month, INR 900 for the subsequent months.
  2. International Customers- $20 for the first month, $15 for the subsequent months.

  • Availability- 1 spot only.

3. Ads Column

  • Appearance- Right side of the main page as well as the item page.
  • Devices- Computer
  • Pricing- 
  1.  Indian Customers- INR 1000, INR 500/ month.
  2. International Customers- $10/month

  • Availability- 1 spot only.

4. Footer

  • Appearance- Bottom of the main page as well as the item page.
  • Devices- Both Computer and mobile
  • Pricing- 
  1.  Indian Customers- INR 2500, INR 2000/ month.
  2. International Customers- $45 for the first month, $40 for the subsequent months.

  • Availability- 1 spot only.
 Comment below to contact me. Or you can email me at


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