Sneak Into Our 2019's Raksha Bandhan Celebration

Festivals are quite enervated these days. There is a severe lack of hustle-bustle around. Many students who are distant from their homes are unable to manage to come back for just a one day holiday. These days puris and desserts are not made basket fulls because of the health concerns of the middle aged and the elderly. So, it's the need of the hour to find some new ways of celebrations. I know I'm posting the updates of our Raksha Bandhan Celebrations quite late as this year it was on 15th August 2019. On the same day falls Independence Day of our country. This year, my elder sister was 1000 kms away from home due to being engaged in a workshop. My second sister tied her own rakhi and then tied her rakhi on her behalf while associating with her through a video call. My paternal uncle from Delhi had brought with him two rakhis, his daughters sent for me. My second sister tied them as well. My maternal uncle came to visit us with his son (Gopal) and daughter (Parkhi). Parkhi t…

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