I Accidently Tore My Clothes At Tapkeshwar Mahadev

It was Sunday yesterday, but still it was not as boring as other days. I and my two hostel mates Vibhu and Shuvadip had a plan to visit the serene Tapkeshwar Mahadev. If you start from Clement Town, you'll have to change two buses. The journey takes approx an hour. One tip- Please don't play music in a high volume while travelling in any public transport. It's really an anti-social habit. You can use earphones or just play at a low volume. I literally don't like such people.
The scenes we envisioned en route showed us two aspects of Dehradun. One as a capital city; which is usually accompanied with a lot of hustle-bustle. It is quite crowded. The other part is more fascinating than the first one, i.e, the hills and the forests. That's the reality of Dehradun.
Eyes feel so relaxed after seeing the greenery around. When we reached our destination we had to walk for around 1-2 kms. The air was so fresh and cool that we were feeling really energetic. Now, let me tell a…

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