The Less Known Delicacy Of Dehradun

I'm less into fast food. I usually don't like spending too much of money.
This Sunday, I was really bored. I couldn't go home and I had to do something. Most of the tourist places of Dehradun are on the outskirts.
You need to have a spare time stretching from early morning to evening.
I still surfed on Internet about tourism and cuisine of Dehradun.
Most of the tourist places were on the outskirts, as expected. Still, I found something which really made my day.

Katlamba or Katlamma This is a delectable bread which was brought by Balochi refugees. It can be described in various ways. It can be described as a flat or compressed Bhatura. It can also be described as a Naan. It is really crunchy and has a crispy crust.  It's size will give you fits. A four serving pizza from any restaurant run by any MNC would cost more than Rs.300. But this Katlamma is bigger than that and still it costs Rs.50. You can have half of it as well for Rs.25. So, I tried it at Sethi's (Near …

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