3 Things All the Counselling Sessions must include

At different points of time, we all need some sort of guidance. In earlier days, getting an advice was easy. But nowadays, it is difficult. Even if I must tell my own case, I don't just pester around when I need any advice. It is one in a hundred times that I take anyone's advice, my mom and dad being the exception. Those people are also exceptional who give their free advice voluntarily.
I'm not that interested in giving unnecessary voluntary advises.
Coming back to the point, I must say, that whenever you want any advice, you'll probably think of your self-respect first. In our society, advice of only those is considered significant who are earning well or who're educated.
Have you read it? Money is honey, my dear Sunny and a rich man's joke is always funny. I disrespect both criteria. Money is powerful, I know. If you look at the list of top powerful people in the world, you'll find that there are many billionaires in that list.
But, if you take any per…

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