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Not just me, formal clothing is an irritation to many.
This is the landscape of globalization as a result of which all the long followed stereotypes are slowly being discarded.
Such is the case with clothing. Now, as soon as time will pass; people will figure out the universal truth that mindset is what that matters, clothing doesn't (since it is ephemeral).
Now, even big business leaders and renowned personalities appear in front of media and masses in their clothes of comfort. They include shorts as well.
These days, I'm working towards doing a research on ' The Acceptance and Prevalence of Shorts Among Men in Formal Culture'. For this, I need more people to participate.
Literally, anyone can participate school students, college students, professionals, parents etc.

Click here to participate if you're a school going student.

Click here to participate if you're a college going student.

Click here to participate if you're a professional or employed corporate.

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